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Garage Door Repair

No matter what repairs you need, our expert team will be able to diagnose them and offer the most efficient solution. In most cases a garage door will have one major element that is malfunctioning and as soon as this portion of the door is replaced it will start functioning normally again. A quick inspection is usually all that is needed to determine which portion of the door needs repair or replacement in order to correct the issue.
If your door is an uncommon brand or was a custom order it could take time to get in new parts such as panels to ensure they will match your original setup. However, most parts such as springs or cables can easily be replaced at any time which helps to ensure that your repair work can be completed in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • Basic maintenance
  • Alignments
  • Full inspections
  • New door installation
  • Adjust openers or sensors

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair Waukegan IL

Garage Door Cable Repair

Broken Garage Door Cable Waukegan IL
You can easily see if your garage door cable is in good shape. Simply shine a flashlight on the cable and look for spots that are worn or rusty. You might notice that the cable is hanging very loosely which indicates that it has started to pull out of shape. In some cases a cable that has started to show damage can be repaired before the door stops working, but if a cable has broken then it will need to be replaced or the door will not be able to move. All this requires is a replacement cable which will be hung from the door to the motor in replacement of the one which was damaged.

Garage Door Operator Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair Waukegan IL

Garage Door Off-Track

Garage Door Offtrack Waukegan IL
One of the most common issues with a garage door is it falling off its track. If the wheels on the door panels are knocked loose or the tracks become dented or altered it can open up room for the door to fall out of place which will make it sag at an odd angle. If the damage is minimal the tracks can simply be adjusted to their original shape and the door can be set back in place. Wheels can also be replaced very quickly to get your door back up and running the way it should be.

  • Reset tracks
  • Repair or replace damaged wheels

Garage Door Repair Services Waukegan IL

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